We are offer a bespoke curriculum based on the needs of the children. Due to this we have constructed a timetable which aims to meet all of the varying needs, has a focus on academic progress and is pitched at the correct level with the required amount of support needed. 

Our curriculum focus is mainly on academic subjects pitched at the student’s own level. We follow a similar style and structure to what students have experienced in primary school.  There is an English and maths focus in the morning then science and foundation subjects in the afternoon supplemented by enrichment activities, independence skills and social skills.  We feel that keeping consistent adults and a consistent setting really lets us get the best from the children.


Reading lessons follow the Fresh Start reading program. The main focus is on reading fluency and key comprehension skills.

Write for a purpose during lessons.

Cover the basic building blocks of writing.

Use ICT skills for those that struggle using pen or pencil.


Follow the White Rose Scheme of work.

Follow the White Rose Scheme of work.

Use visuals and concrete objects to help understanding.

Prepare students for further study and qualifications.

Other academic subjects

Science – help to develop the students understanding of the world around them and how they fit into it.

ICT – using a computer for a specific purpose and building on existing skills.

Art – an enriching opportunity for our students to be creative.

PE – a chance for students to participate in varying physical activities.

Non-academic lessons

Independent life skills.

Social skills.

Enrichment opportunities.